Repair manual for BMW X5 (E70) equipped with gasoline N52K (3.0 l), N62TU (4.8 l) and diesel M57T / M57T2 (3.0 l) engines.


The publication contains an operating manual, detailed information on vehicle maintenance,

diagnostics, repair and adjustment of elements of engine systems (including control systems for gasoline

and diesel engines, D-VANOS and Valvetronic systems, lubrication and cooling, turbocharging, starting and charging), elements of automatic transmissions, transfer case (all-wheel drive control system "xDrive"), braking system, steering, suspension, body elements, air conditioning and ventilation systems (AC), passive safety systems (SRS).

Checking the elements of the dynamic stability control (DSC) system, including the systems:

ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBV (electronic brake force distribution),

CBC (cornering stability control), ASC (automatic stability control),

DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), MSR (Engine Braking Torque Control), DBC

(dynamic brake control), RDC (tire pressure control), EDC (control

stiffness of shock absorbers).

278 fault codes PO, P1, P2, RZ are described in detail; possible causes of their occurrence.

Detailed wiring diagrams for various equipment options and descriptions are provided

checks of most elements of electrical equipment.

Possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination, mating dimensions of the main parts are given

and the limits of their permissible wear, recommended lubricants and working fluids, required

for maintenance.

The book will allow you to independently carry out periodic maintenance

car or simple repair, which does not require expensive equipment.

Also, the book can help you out on the road, if you have to use

services of a car service, not familiar or unfamiliar with the features of your car model.

For a more complex repair of electronic systems, the book presents the basic wiring diagrams and the basic

diagnostics of electronic systems.

The book is intended for car owners, service station personnel and repair shops.

General Information

X5 E70 – Maintenance & General Information – Special Tools Download

X5 E70 – DTC Index Download


X5 E70 – Engine Service Information Download

X5 E70 – Engine – Technical Data (N52K 6-Cyl.) Download

X5 E70 – Engine – Technical Data – V8 (N62TU) Download

X5 E70 – Engine Diagnosis Download

X5 E70 – Engine – Repair Instructions (N62TU V8) Download

X5 E70 – Engine – Engine – SI Techniques (6-Cyl.) Download

X5 E70 – Engine – Engine – SI Techniques (V8) Download

X5 E70 – Engine Electrical System Download

X5 E70 – Engine Electrical System (Troubleshooting) Download

X5 E70 – Engine Electrical System (V8 N62TU) Download

X5 E70 – Engine Electrical System – Tightening Torques Download

X5 E70 – Engine Mechanical (6-Cylinder) Download

X5 E70 – Cooling System Download

X5 E70 – Engine and Gearbox Suspension Download

X5 E70 – Engine and Gearbox Suspension (V8 N62TU) Download

X5 E70 – Exhaust System (6-Cylinder) Download

X5 E70 – Exhaust System (V8) Download

X5 E70 – Fuel Supply System Download

Engine Performance

X5 E70 – Fuel System (6-Cylinder) Download

X5 E70 – Fuel System (N62TU) Download


X5 E70 – Engine – Automatic Transmission Download

X5 E70 – Transfer Box Download


X5 E70 – Front Axle Download

X5 E70 – Rear Axle Download

X5 E70 – Steering And Wheel Alignment Download

X5 E70 – Wheel And Tires – Repair Instructions Download

X5 E70 – Integrated Suspension Systems Download


X5 E70 – Propeller Shaft Download


X5 E70 – Brakes – Repair Instructions Download

X5 E70 – Brakes – Operating Fluids Download

X5 E70 – Brakes – Pedals Download

Accessories & Equipment (Body, Cab)

X5 E70 – Audio, Navigation And Anti-Theft Download

X5 E70 – Body Download

X5 E70 – Cruise Control Systems Download

X5 E70 – Instruments Download

X5 E70 – Lights Download

X5 E70 – Parts And Accessories Download

X5 E70 – Seats Download

X5 E70 – Slide/Tilt Roof Download


X5 E70 – Heating and Air Conditioning Download

X5 E70 – Heating And Air Conditioning – Repair Instructions Download


X5 E70 – General Electrical System Download

X5 E70 – Wheel And Tires – System Wiring Diagrams Download

Owner’s Manuals

2007 Bmw X5 E70 Owners Manual Download

2008 Bmw X5 E70 Owners Manual Download

2009 Bmw X5 E70 Owners Manual Download

Bmw X5 (E70) 2007-2009 Technical Info + Owner’s Manuals


Introduction – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Glovebox – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Powertrain – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Gasoline Engines – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Transmissions – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Voltage Supply and Bus Systems – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Car Access System 3 (CAS 3) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Energy Management – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Chassis Dynamics – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Lateral Dynamics Systems – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Vertical Dynamics Systems – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Longitudinal Dynamics Systems – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Central Locking – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Power Windows – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Comfort Access – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Wipe/wash System – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Panorama Glass Sunroof – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Seats – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Steering Column Switch Cluster – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Exterior Lighting – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Interior Lighting – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Adaptive Headlight System (AHL) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Park Distance Control (PDC) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Rear-view Camera (RFK) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Anti-theft Alarm System (DWA) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Outside Mirrors – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Displays, Indicators and Controls – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Head-up Display (HUD) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Information and Communication Technology (IKT) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Audio Systems – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Climate Control Systems (IHKA, IHKA w/FKA, Third Row HV) – X5 (E70) 07-09 Download

Owner’s Manuals

2007 Bmw X5 E70 Owners Manual Download

2008 Bmw X5 E70 Owners Manual Download

2009 Bmw X5 E70 Owners Manual Download

Comments: 11
  • #11

    Trevor (Wednesday, 08 November 2023 08:52)

    Good Day
    I have a problem with my gearlever.
    There are no lights that are on even when I swith on the car.Not even the park light are off and it won't start

  • #10

    Lenny (Tuesday, 07 March 2023 23:54)

    Looking for an overall electrical bus diagram for a 2017 X5 4.0e. Any suggestions

  • #9

    Darren (Tuesday, 17 January 2023 20:22)

    I need a air suspension wiring diagram for a 2009 x5 e70 please
    The suspension has had intermittent problems for the last few years
    The suspension would randomly go down while driving after checking fuses connections etc it would start working and be fine for months at the moment it is down on its stops the airbags seem to go down while driving I have stripped and bench tested the compressor and valves refitted the compressor and it worked as normal drove fine stood on the drive for a couple of weeks while I was waiting to take it for an mot it drove to the garage fine coming back from the garage the suspension fault symbol came on the dash but the suspension was still up the next day I drove it a mile or so and the suspension dropped all fuses are fine I am not getting a live on fuse 32 and no live from the relay base so I need a wiring diagram to find out what’s at fault

  • #8

    Nick (Tuesday, 10 January 2023 13:06)

    This is a very helpful page with a ton of info do you have anything just for the air bag wiring 2008 X5 e70 Thanks

  • #7

    TzwSVsOw (Friday, 30 December 2022 14:46)


  • #6

    Danny Tran (Monday, 29 August 2022)

    I need wiring diagram for 2011 X5 E70 N55 Engine performance.
    We install an used engine in this X5 with N55 6cyl. But engine runs like crap.
    And gave over 10 DTCs,which can not been cleared.
    So at this point we think at least 2-3 connectors are are plugged in the wrong place???
    We really need the el. wiring diagram (specially fuel tank vent valve line disconnection codes)
    So we can see the wiring colors and plug them back,where they are belong to.
    Thank You very much for your help!

  • #5

    David (Tuesday, 19 July 2022 07:41)

    Hi i am looking for the drivers door cable loom routing

  • #4

    Micheal (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 14:46)

    Hi there,

    I need help for my BMW e70 2009 . Can you send me link for the taillight wiring diagram please? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.“

  • #3

    Hendro Sudaryono (Saturday, 12 February 2022 07:22)

    Thank you so sangat terbantu dng adanya bimmer service com..mslh dp sy selesaikan in my BMW X5 E70.3.0.year 2007.semoga bertambah maju bimmer service..�

  • #2

    Paulo Sérgio (Tuesday, 25 January 2022 00:57)

    Esquema de ligação das patilhas no volante .e70

  • #1

    KURT (Friday, 30 October 2020 10:19)

    still no docs