Workshop manual BMW 1990-2008 (TIS ETK WDS ETM100)

Repair manual for BMW 1 series E87 / E81 / E82 / E88 since 2004. The publication contains an operation manual, detailed information on vehicle maintenance,

repair and adjustment of engine system elements (including control systems for gasoline and diesel engines, D-VANOS, Valvetronic systems, turbocharging, starting and charging), mechanical

(5-speed and 6-speed) and automatic gearboxes (manual transmission and automatic transmission), elements

braking system (including anti-lock braking system (ABS) and dynamic stability control (DSC)), steering, suspension, body parts, air conditioning and ventilation (AC) systems. The publication describes in detail the repair and diagnostics of gasoline N43B16A (1.6 L), N43B20A (2.0 L), N46B20uL (2.0 L), N46B20oL (2.0 L), N45B16 (1.6 L), N45TB16 ( 1.6 L), N52KB30 (3.0 L), N54B30 (3.0 L) and diesel M47TU2uL (2.0 L), M47TU2oL (2.0 L) engines.

284 trouble codes RO, RZ are described in detail; conditions of their occurrence and possible causes.

There are 93 detailed wiring diagrams (32 systems) for various configuration options and a description of most of the electrical equipment.

Possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination, mating dimensions of the main parts are given

and the limits of their permissible wear, recommended lubricants and working fluids.

The book of the series "Motorist" will allow you to independently carry out periodic maintenance

car or simple repair, which does not require expensive equipment.

Also, the book can help you out on the road if you have to use the services of a car service that is unfamiliar or unfamiliar with the features of your car model. For more complex repairs, the book presents the basic wiring diagrams and basic diagnostics of electronic systems.

The book is intended for car owners, service station personnel and repair shops.

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