BMW E39 Wiring Diagrams

BMW E39 Wiring Diagrams Download pdf

Wiring diagrams include location information, wiring, pin identification, troubleshooting, maintenance, function descriptions, and more. This includes all information that follows wiring and wire connections.

BMW E39, 5ser. 12/1995 to 09/1998 and  09/1998

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Engine control system and control unit connector. Models 520i, 523i, 528i

A5 Instrument cluster

A16 ABS control unit

A35 Electronic Control Module (ECM)

A57 Electronic transmission control module (TCM)

A63 Air conditioner control unit

A162 Electronic control unit anti-theft system (immobilizer)

B19 Left front wheel sensor

B20 Right front wheel sensor

B21 Left rear wheel sensor

B22 Right rear wheel sensor

B24 Coolant temperature (ECT) sensor

B25 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor

B30 Mass Air Meter (MAF)

B54 Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor

B69 Knock sensor

B72 Heated oxygen sensor

B132 Camshaft position (CMP) sensor,

B147 Throttle position sensor (TPS)

F Fuse

G1 Generator

H17 Brake fluid level warning lamp

H29 ABS warning lamp

H99 Traction control warning lamp

K20 Fuel pump relay


ABS system relay


K46 Engine control relay

K100 ABS pump relay

K143 Air conditioning compressor clutch relay

M12 Fuel pump

M61 ABS pump

M89 Throttle actuator motor

R87 Ignition signal resistor

S13 Brake light switch sensor

S35 Hand brake warning lamp switch

S63 Air conditioner refrigerant pressure switch

S212 Main switch for traction control

T1 Ignition coil

X1 Diagnostic connector DLC

Y3 Injector

Y22 ABS hydraulic modulator

Y81 Camshaft actuator

Y99 Idle air control valve (IAC)

Y104 EVAP carbon canister purge valve

Y141 Exhaust gas control solenoid

15 ON position of the ignition switch

30 “+” batteries

31 “-” batteries

Anti-lock brake system and ABS control unit connector. All models

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