BMW 7 SERIES (E23) SERVICE MANUAL,Wiring diagrams: 1977-1987

Name: BMW Car Series 7 release 1977-94. Repair manual. User's manual.

Type: Automotive Literature

Format: PDF

Quality: excellent

Number of pages: 213

Archive weight: 59.2 MB


Manual for operation, maintenance and repair of BMW 7ER E23 (1977-1986), E32 (1986-1994).


Cars reviewed:

BMW 7 Series e23 and e32


Models reviewed:

728, 728i, 730, 730i, 732i, 733i, 735i, 745i and 745i Turbo, 728 and 730,750i


Examined bodies:



Engines considered:

six-cylinder engines: "М30-В28", "M30-B30", "М30-ВЗ2", "М30-ВЗ4", "М30-В35", "М30-ВЗ2 / ВЗ4-Turbo" equipped with both carburetors (728 and 730) and twelve-cylinder engines: "M70-B50".


Checked check points:

Automatic transmission (automatic transmission) and manual transmission (manual transmission)

The management has information:

- features of the operation and maintenance of the car;

- MZ0 series engines and their modifications;

- carburetors "Zenith 35/40 INAT", "Solex DVF-4A1";

- injection systems "L-Jetronic", "Motronic" and their adjustment;

- transmissions with manual and automatic shifting;

- suspension with hydraulic shock-absorbing struts;

- steering with hydraulic booster;

- brake systems;

- electrical equipment and circuits;

- control points for checking the geometric parameters of the bodies.


This manual is a manual for the maintenance and repair of BMW 7 Series sedan, 1977-1986 (E23) and 1986-1994 (E32), models 728, 728i, 730, 730i, 732i, 733i, 735i, 745i and 745i Turbo with six-cylinder engines ("М30-В28", "M30-B30", "М30-ВЗ2", "М30-ВЗ4", "М30-В35", "М30-ВЗ2 / ВЗ4-Turbo") equipped with both carburetors ( 728 and 730) and fuel injection systems and the 750i with a twelve-cylinder engine ("M70-B50").

The manual is intended for workers in service centers and stations and repair shops, as well as for technically trained motorists. Therefore, in some cases, the device of units, mechanisms and systems is presented without excessive detail, and the procedure for maintenance and repair becomes easily understandable when reading the text or studying the figures.

The manual provides detailed technical characteristics of all units, mechanisms and systems of the vehicle and provides recommendations for performing maintenance and repair work.

Appendix I contains recommendations for the operation of the car, and Appendix II gives a table of correspondence between domestic-made fuels and lubricants with foreign analogues.

The manual reflects the design of vehicles in the basic version. Therefore, depending on the modification and year of manufacture of the car, the design of individual components and assemblies, as well as the design and location of some electrical elements, may differ from those described in the manual.


The order of maintenance and repair is easily understood by reading the text and studying the graphics.

The BMW 7 Series E23 1977-1986, E32 1986-1994 manual provides the technical characteristics of the main units, mechanisms and systems of the vehicle and gives recommendations for performing maintenance and repair work.

For the most difficult components and assemblies to repair, such as a fuel injection system and an automatic transmission, only the technological process of replacing their constituent elements or assemblies as a whole is given.

The manuals in this series are essential and will help both the novice and the professional when repairing.

Parts Catalog BMW Alpina, 1987 Download

BMW 728i, 732i, 735i and 745i - 1986

Original PDF brochure in German, excellent color photographs and diagrams, detailed model descriptions, 51 pages. Download

Service and Repair Manual

Service Manual BMW e23 1986 Download

Instructions for use, maintenance and repair of the BMW 7-Series E23 bodies in 1977-1986 Download

Electrical Troubleshooting Manual

Electrical Troubleshooting Manual BMW 733i 1986 Download

Electrical Troubleshooting Manual BMW 733i 1985 Download

Electrical Troubleshooting Manual BMW 733i 1984 Download

Electrical Troubleshooting Manual BMW 733i 1983 Download

Electrical Troubleshooting Manual BMW 733i 1982 Download

Contents of the pdf file with electrical diagrams:

  1. Fuse box
  2. Battery charging circuit
  3. Starter circuit
  4. Control unit diagram
  5. Fuel injection scheme
  6. Transmission control circuit
  7. ABS circuit
  8. Electric mirrors diagram
  9. Central locking scheme
  10. Diagram of electric glass lifts
  11. Electric seat diagram
  12. Electric hatch diagram
  13. Door locks heating circuit
  14. Ignition lock circuit
  15. Wipers scheme
  16. Check control scheme (test control)
  17. Parking lights diagram
  18. Headlight scheme (low and high beam, fog lights)
  19. Reversing headlights diagram
  20. Stop diagram (brake lamps)
  21. Interior lighting scheme
  22. A / C scheme (climate control)
  23. Radio antenna circuit
  24. Cruise control circuit (maintaining the set speed)
  25. On-board computer circuit
  26. Connector layout

Wiring diagrams BMW 728-730 (up to 1980) Download

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