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LAUNCH X431 V V4.0 Pro Car Diagnostic Tools

  • X-431 PAD V is a novelty of 2021 and to date the most advanced multi-brand scanner of the LAUNCH company.
  • PAD V (PAD V v.2) is the most powerful of all X-431s ever released by LAUNCH.
  • The modern platform and the most advanced technologies, including SmartLink remote diagnostics, online programming and support for additional expansion modules make PAD V II an indispensable assistant for car service professionals.
  • PAD V is not just a scanner, but a whole diagnostic complex, with rich and constantly expanding capabilities.
  • Compared to the PAD V, the PAD V has a more productive Android 9.0-based tablet with an 8-core Qualcomm processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of FLASH memory, a heavy-duty 19 Ah battery and a wide 13-inch screen.
  • An improvement can also be considered the universal (12/24 V) diagnostic adapter of the new generation SmartLink with support for the Launch remote diagnostics cloud platform and all the latest protocols: DoIP / CAN FD / RP1210 / D-PDU / J2534.
  • The maximum speed of data transfer is achieved due to the latest wireless Dual WiFi and bluetooth 2.4, or via wired USB.
  • Features: X-431 PAD V supports diagnostics of 12 and 24V electronic control systems of European, American and Asian cars (including right-hand drive Japanese cars).

Dual WiFi of the 5th generation with support for 2.4 and 5.0 GHz frequencies

Industrial dust- and moisture-proof design IP65, shockproof housing.

Printing of diagnostic results on a wireless mini-printer (optional).

Wireless and wired connection to the car.

Access to diagnostic procedures as close as possible to original dealer devices.

Connection of optional units, such as: Sensor box, Scope box, Battery box, Video scope, Wi-Fi printer, X-PROG, X-PROG 3, TS-GUN, BST-360.



LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 Car 2022 ECU Coding Active

  • Reads control unit data
  • Automatically determines the VIN code of the car
  • Reads and removes errors in car systems
  • Generates a vehicle diagnostic report
  • Displays streaming data of the control unit in real time (numbers or graph)
  • Allows to carry out tests of executive mechanisms
  • Produces adaptations and coding of control units
  • Resets service intervals and performs various special functions
  • New function of remote diagnostics

Launch Pro X431 V  2022 - The choice of diagnosticians for professional use. One of the best multi-brands of its kind. The adapter itself connects and works remotely, connecting to the original LAUNCH tablet.


Launch X431 V supports all electronic control systems on more than 150 European, American and Asian car brands.


The advantages of the new X431 V Launch X431 V is perfectly familiar to all service station owners and professional diagnosticians, while it is quite easy to operate and can perform full system diagnostics.



The best amateur scanners

MUCAR CS4/CS2/CS6/CS90 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool (140-240$)

Detected errors are reset by rotation;

All information obtained from this scanner is fairly accurate;

Small overall dimensions;

It is possible to connect via wireless channels;

Acceptable price.

Launch Creader VII Plus Obd2 Scanner (120-160$)


Absolute autonomy of the product;

Information is displayed in real time;

Long period of operation;

Ease of management;

Data is shown both in textual and graphical form.

Delphi DS150E (30-50$)


Regardless of the software used, this equipment can function in Generic OBD or eOBD mode. The device is distinguished by its excellent versatility – it is compatible with any makes and models of cars, scans all available blocks and provides information regarding existing errors in the on-board computer or incorrect operation of sensors.

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