BMW/Mini Coding Database PC Software

BMW Coding Database is a desktop program that allows you to find the necessary encodings to change vehicle parameters. With it, you can see all the functions of your car that are available for change by selecting a filter by body and by blocks:

The BMW Coding Database contains not only BMW but also Mini coding data.


Body models for which functions can be viewed:


F-series: F01, F10, F20, F22, F25, F30, F32 and F56.


E-series: E36, E39, E46, E53, E60, E65, E70, E71, E87, E89 and E90.


The data of this program will be useful for you to change such vehicle parameters as: memorizing the state of the Start / Stop system, turning off the electronics when the driver’s door is opened, displaying sports devices, changing the operating mode of the headlight washer nozzles, memorizing the state of the air conditioner and much more.


If you do not understand what this program is for and how to use it, read the article about programming on the site.

BMW Coding Database exe Download