BMW E30 1984-1992 Electrical wiring diagrams

BMW 318i/325e/325ix/325i/325is/M3 Electrical Troubleshooting Manual

ЕТМ electric circuit for Е30 with М20В25 1987 for the US market:
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fuse details
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ETM scheme for 1988
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Central locking burglar alarm on-board computer


Central locking burglar alarm on-board computer
Central locking burglar alarm on-board computer

L-Jetronic fuel injection system on the BMW E30


1. Battery

2. Ignition Distributor

3. Ignition coil

4. Crankshaft angle sensor

5. Spark plugs

6. Generator

7. Starter

8. Oil pressure sensor

9. The gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid

10. Temperature sensor of the control unit

11. The electronic control unit

12. Connector

13. Throttle Position Sensor

14. Air flow meter

15. Fuel nozzles

16. Fuel pump relay

17. The ignition control unit

Heater and air conditioning



1. Heater control knob lights



4. LED I

5. Heater fan switch (air conditioner evaporator)

6. 13-pin connector connecting heater wiring to center wiring harness

7. Connector connecting the front wiring section to the heater control panel

8. Heater fan fuse

9. Fuse (turning on 2nd fan speed)

10. Fuse for interior lighting, reversing signal, tachometer and mirror drive, mounted on a distribution block

11. Fan temperature sensor (91 ° С, 1 speed)

12. Fan temperature sensor (99 ° C, 2 speed)

13. A / C switch

14. Heater tap

15. Thermostat of the evaporator

16. Air conditioning control unit (on the heater control panel)

17. Auxiliary fan wiring connector

18. Relay of the 2nd speed of the additional fan (mounted on the distribution block)

19. The relay of the first speed of the additional fan (mounted on the distribution block)

20. Dehumidifier pressure sensor

21. Not used

22. Heater radiator fan

23. Evaporator fan

24. A contact socket of conducting of a high pressure sensor of a water separator and electromagnetic coupling of the compressor

25. Temperature sensor (mounted in the evaporator)

26. Temperature sensor (mounted in the heater)

27. The temperature sensor in the cabin (located on the left under the lower decorative panel of the cabin)

28. The electromagnetic clutch of the compressor

29. Additional fan

Motronic Engine Control Module for BMW E30



1. Engine electronics

2. Crankshaft speed control unit

3. Temperature sensor connector

4. Air conditioning connector

5. Transmission wiring harness connector

6. Throttle Position Sensor

7. Air flow meter

8. Crankshaft speed sensor

9. Ignition torque sensor

10. Relay 1

11. Relay 2

12. Oil pressure sensor

13. The temperature sensor of the electronic engine control unit

14. Diagnostic connector

15. Distribution block

16. Battery

17. Spark plugs

18. Ignition Distributor

19. Ignition coil

20. Starter

21. Generator

22. Position sensor

23. Connector (automatic transmission disconnected on cars)

24. Coolant temperature sensor

25. Fuel injector

26. Solenoid

27. Distribution block

28. Socket for connecting the oil pressure sensor

29. Temperature sensor connector

30. A socket of connection of the fuel pump

31. Socket for connecting a control lamp for regular maintenance

32. Drive

33. Contact temperature sensor


Receiver and audio system



1. The speaker on the right door

2. Front right speaker

3. Rear right speaker

4. Connector for connecting special equipment

5. Power window connector

6. Amplifier

7. Front left speaker

8. The speaker on the left door

9. Power connector

10. Antenna Connector

11. Receiver

12. Speaker tuner

13. The speaker is rear left

Start, charge system, direction indicators

1. Left reversing light

2. Right reversing light

3. Battery

4. Generator

5. Two-channel sound signal

6. Front right turn indicator

7. Direction indicator, rear right

8. Direction indicator, rear left

9. Front left turn indicator

10. Horn relay

12. Rear window defroster relay

13. Hazard warning relay

14. Starter

15. Ignition switch

16. Horn switch

17. Hazard warning light switch

18. Turn signal switch

19. Reversing light switch

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