BMW (E34) Electrical Troubleshooting MANUAL

Power distribution diagram

Fuse table

Power distribution

Fuse parts

Land distribution

Data channel

Engine management system (DME M3.3, 8-cylinder M60)

Engine management system (DME M3.3.1, 6-cylinder M50)

Charging system


E-Box Fan

Electronic transmission control (EGS A4S 31 OR)

Electronic transmission control (AGS: GS 9.22 / A5S 560Z)

Electronic transmission control (AGS: GS 7.32 / A5S 310Z)

Electric steering column adjustment

Electric steering column adjustment

Steering column memory (LSM)

Additional retention system (air cushion)

Slip Control (ABS)

Slip control (ABS / ASC + T)

Slip Control 5 (ASC 5)

Power Mirrors

ZKE Heated door lock (TSH)

ZKE Central locking (ZV)

ZKE Power windows (FH)

Power seats

Seat / Mirror Memory System (SM / SPM)

Heated seats

Lumbar support

ZKE Sunroof (SHD)

Electric Sunroof Double Panel (ZKE)

Electric Sunroof Double Panel (ZKE)

Central Body Electronics (ZKE)


ZKE wiper / washer

Rear window wiper / washer

ZKE Headlight Washer (SRA)

Jet glass heaters

Instrument Cluster / Control Control (K / CC)


Light switch parts

Lamp Monitor (LMB)

Headlights / fog lights

Turning / hazard lights

Park / taillights

License plate / luggage compartment headlights

Back up lights

Back up lights

Stop lights

ZKE Interior lighting control (IB)

Interior accessories

Collision control module

Park ventilation with IHKR / F

Heated rear window

Integrated climate control with filter (IHKR / F3)

Auxiliary fan

Radio / Hi-Fi

Cell Phone (Positions)

Cruise control (Tempomat)

Anti-theft system (Alpine)

Anti-theft system IV (DWA IV)

On-board computer (BCIV)

Remote lock control system

Remote lock control system

Component layout

Component locations

Splice types

Connector Views

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