Replacing the battery in the key BMW E60, E90, E70, E87, E92, E63, E71

Replacing the battery in the key BMW X5, X6 (body E60 E90 E70 E87 E92 E63 E71) is done in literally a minute. But some cars, for example BMW E60, the keychain is non-separable, although it looks similar. There is a cap on the keychains of the new sample, but not on the old ones.

Replace the battery in a non-separable key fob only by cutting the body halves. Then there are two options - glue the halves with superglue or replace the case with a new one. In the first case, it is necessary to cut the key fob case in half with a clerical knife, then replace the battery, grease the cut halves with superglue and fasten them together again. Another option is to halve the case, pull out the chip and install it in a new case, along with a new battery. This will make it easier the next time you change.

Batteries are installed in non-separable key rings and last about 7 years. They charge a little if the key is inserted into the ignition with the engine running.

To replace the battery in the key fob, you only need a small flat screwdriver, possibly a stationery knife (if the case is not separable) and a new battery or battery. It is better to take a battery from a well-known manufacturer - Sony, Panasonic, Durasell, Energizer and others. The keychain can be equipped with a CR2032 battery, a CR2450 battery or a VL2020 battery.

How to change the battery in the key E60 E90 E70 E87 E92 E63 E71?

To replace the remote control battery with your own hands, first turn the remote control over, press the latch button, and disconnect the ignition key. Then insert a flat screwdriver into the groove and gently, so as not to break off the plastic tab, pry off the key fob cover.

The new battery is installed plus up.

Next, you need to change the battery by installing a new "tablet" with the positive side to the top. After that, it remains to assemble the keychain in the reverse order and carry out a check.

Dashboard notification of battery replacement in key.
Dashboard notification of battery replacement in key.

Trinkets of the old and the new model in front are identical.

But their differences can be seen from the back - the new one has a battery access cover, and the old keychain goes without it, therefore it is not separable.

Of course, changing the smart key battery with the cover is much easier - first you need to turn the keychain over and press the lock.

Remove the key.

Next, you must act carefully so as not to break off the plastic tab.

Insert a screwdriver into the groove.

Pry off the cover.

Remove the cover and remove the old battery.

Battery Panasonic CR2032 at 3 volts.

Install a new battery.

Put the lid on.

If we are talking about replacing the battery in an old-style keychain, then you will need to cut the halves of the case at the junction around the entire perimeter.

Work must be done carefully if replacement of the case is not planned.

Separate the keyring halves. Then you can simply replace the battery, grease the edges of the case with superglue and fasten it back.

Another option is to remove the chip from the old case and replace the battery.

Then open the pre-purchased new case (a new sample, of course).

Install the chip with the new battery in the new case.

Connect the keychain halves and squeeze, fixing.

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