Fuses & Relay blocks BMW E60 with diagrams and decoding

The next modification of the BMW 5 series after the E39 was the E60. The car was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005,2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 in two body styles: sedan (E60) and station wagon (E61). We will consider the diagrams of relay blocks and fuses for the BMW E60, as well as provide a complete operating manual.

Spare fuses and plastic tweezers should be included with the driver's tool kit. The fuse list for your vehicle is located in the luggage compartment behind the right side cover.



1 Fuse and relay box under the bonnet BMW E60

2 Main fuse box in the passenger compartment BMW E30

3 Relay and fuse box in luggage compartment

4 Additional information

5 Operation manual

Fuse and relay box under the hood BMW E60

1 Electronic engine control unit

2 -

3 Relay, valve lift control unit

4 Crankcase ventilation heater relay

5 Windshield wiper motor relay

6 Relay for air injection pump

7 Engine control relay

F1 (30A) Engine management

F2 (30A) Engine management

F3 (20A)

F4 (30A)

F5 (30A) Engine management

F6 (10A) Engine management

F7 (40A) Engine management

F8 (30A)

F10 (5A) Crankcase ventilation heater

Main fuse box in the BMW E60 passenger compartment

It is located behind the glove compartment (it can also be called the glove compartment). For access, you need to open 2 latches and slide the protective cover.

There should be a brochure on the top left with the exact description of the fuses.

F1 (50A) ABS electronic control unit

F2 (60A)

F3 (40A) Heater fan motor resistor

F4 -

F5 (50A) Lighting control unit

F6 (50A) Lighting control unit

F7 (50A)

F8 (60A)

F9 (60A)

F10 (30A)

F11 (5A)

F12 (30A)

F13 (30A) Transfer case control unit

F14 (30A) Power seat

F15 (5A)

F16 (30A) Windshield wiper motor relay

F17 (5A) Steering column control module

F18 (30A)

F19 -

F20 (20A) Additional heater

F21 (30A) Power seat

F22 (30A)

F23 -

F24 (30A)

F25 (30A) ABS electronic control unit

F26 (20A) -

F27 (30A)

F28 (20A) Steering column control module

F29 (10A)

F30 (20A) Fuel pump

F31 (30A) Power seat

F32 (10A)

F33 (30A) Power seat

F34 (20A) Multimedia control unit

F35 (5A) Navigation system

F36 (7.5A)

F37 (5A) Phone

F38 (5A) CD changer

F39 -

F40 (10A) DVD changer

F41 (7.5A) Instrument cluster control unit

F42 -

F43 -

F44 -

F45 -

F46 -

Luggage compartment relay and fuse box

It is located on the right-hand side under the skin. The protective cover must be removed for access. If necessary, first unhook the safety strap.

Real photo of the unit in the luggage compartment of a bmw e60

Battery current monitoring relay

50 30A headlight washer pump

51 5A

52 40A Relay compressor active suspension

53 30A Power front seats

54 40A Heated rear window

55 40A Control unit for opening / closing the rear door

56 5A Rain / Sunlight Sensor

57 5A Air conditioner / heater fan motor control unit

58 20A Rear window cleaner

59 5A Antenna amplifier

60 -

61 7.5A Refrigerator, cigarette lighter fuse (up to 09-2005)

62 30A Trailer control unit

63 20A Additional heater

64 15A Air conditioner / heater fan motor control unit

65 -

66 20A Sunroof electric control unit

67 10A

68 5A

69 5A Parking system control unit

70 10A Obstacle distance sensor (adaptive cruise control)

71 30A Multifunction switch assy

72 20A 8cyl. petrol: Fuel pump relay

73 30A 09/07: Audio system output amplifier

74 10A

75 10A

76 10A

77 10A Main display

78 5A

79 10A

80 10A

81 7.5A

82 7.5A Tire pressure monitoring system control unit

83 30A Power front seats

84 15A

85 7.5A

86 40A Power steering

87 20A Cigarette lighter fuse (after 09-2005)

88 20A

89 5A Interior rearview mirror with auto-dimming

Check for a separate box near the 2-cell high-fuse battery pack:


F92 (100A) - additional electric heater;

F90 (200A) - fuse box located in the dashboard.

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    Morris (Monday, 11 December 2023 04:17)

    What fuse # for trunk release button 2007 bmw 550i

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    Ron Puno (Saturday, 27 May 2023 07:42)

    I am looking for the 2008 E60 driver side headlight wiring harness orientation. Running light / daylight always out, fuse checked ok, new bulbs each time. Tried it on passenger side harness it works.

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    David kemp (Sunday, 19 March 2023 11:29)

    I’m looking for the fuse for the window washer pump is there one or do I need to replace the pump or electrics and I’d the washer for the headlights a separate fuse or the same they both don’t work

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    florent paz (Sunday, 06 March 2022 20:28)

    i have a 2006 bmw 550i and i cant find the alternator fuse and main fuse could you please tell me where they are