High on-board computer retrofit

BMW 5 Series (E39)

BMW X5 (E53) 


Retrofit Kit On-board Monitor and Navigation System

BMW 5 Series Saloon (E39) Download

Rear-view camera retrofit

BMW 5 Series Touring (E39/2)

These installation instructions are only valid for cars with SA 601/602 (TV function) or with

SA 609 (navigation system). Download

bmw-5-e39-installation-manual-bluetooth Download

Parts Catalog BMW Alpina, 1987-2003 Download

Repair and maintenance of the BMW 5 Series 1995 (E39) Download

Service Manual BMW 5 Series (E39) 1997-2002 Download

Service Manual BMW 5 Series 1989-1995 Download

Service Manual  General – E39 1997-2001 Download

Maintenance – E39 1997-2001 Download

Engine – E39 1997-2001 Download

Manual Transmission – E39 1997-2001 Download

Automatic Transmission – E39 1997-2001 Download

Gearshift Linkage – E39 1997-2001 Download

Suspension, Steering and Brakes – E39 1997-2001 Download

Body – E39 1997-2001 Download

Exterior Trim, Bumpers – E39 1997-2001 Download

Seat Belts – E39 1997-2001 Download

OBD On-Board Diagnostics – E39 1997-2001 Download

Service Interval Reset Instructions For BMW E39 1995-2003

The reset is carried out according to the algorithm:


Turn off the ignition;

Hold down the distance counter toggle button;

Switch on the ignition by turning the key to position 1;

Hold the switch button depressed for 5 sec. - Olservice or Inspektion should appear on the display;

The pushbutton switch is released;

Press shortly on the probe of the route counter - this will allow you to jump over the service menu;

The maintenance frequency is reset;

The counter switch button is pressed again and held for 5 seconds, an indication appears on the display;

The button is released;

The push button switch is briefly pressed again;

The maintenance interval has been reset.

The screen will display the frequency of the brake fluid replacement (in the form of a clock). To reset it, you need to press the distance counter toggle button and hold it for 5 seconds until the indication starts flashing on the display. Then the button is released and pressed again briefly. The brake fluid service interval has been reset.

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