Removing the rear bumper of the BMW E46

In this photo, the procedure for removing the rear bumper of the BMW E46 in a sedan and coupe is somewhat different, but here we will analyze both options for removal.


The bumper demonstration in the BMW E46 starts with two bolts unscrewed. The bumper is mounted on the floor, and you need help to gently bend the bumper at the same time with different sides, remove it.

Which rear bumper fits on the BMW E46?

Original rear bumper (sedan): 51128195310

First, use the T-50 Torx to unscrew the two long screws from the bottom of the bumper.

Next, take the head to 5 \ 16, it can be written with another key but this one is exact in size and we unscrew the 2 screws on the sides from the bottom.

Next, we need to gently squeeze the bumper and pull it back on both sides, there are tracks along which it seems to move back. It is better to do this together on both sides at the same time so as not to break the tracks.

To remove the bumper on the body of the Coupe BMW E46 you will need a screwdriver and Torx 25

First, remove the socket on the bumper under the number B1 so that there is access to the screws B3 and B4. Unscrew B3 and B4 using the T-50 sprocket

Next, take and disconnect 4 clips at the bottom in places B2 in the first figure and in the figures further located on the mudguard.

And carefully cut the side mounts and remove the bumper.

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