e-sys BMW Installation and setup

  • Installing E-Sys
  • Launcher installation. TokenMaster and TokenBuster
  • TokenBuster
  • TokenMaster
  • Download E-Sys

E-Sys is a very important coding program. The total number of parameters with which you can change the car exceeds 100 (each body has its own encodings).


It is worth remembering that when working with the program you need to save data, as there is a possibility that something will not go according to plan, so always save your original configurations!

IMPORTANT: In order to avoid problems, it is strongly recommended to flash blocks with clean E-Sys, without launching it through third-party activation programs (Launcher Premium, Launcher Pro, EsysX, etc.).

Installing E-Sys

Just click "Next"
Just click "Next"

The next step is to choose the path for setting the data for work: leave the path unchanged, click next:

We complete the installation and download PsdzData (for a test, download the Lite version. We recommend reading and deciding on the version). After downloading, you need to unzip the archive and copy the data to the folder C:/Data/psdzdata

PsdzData lite Download


Download the archive E-Sys 3.30.1 E-Sys Launcher PRO v2.8.1 Token Generator.zip and unpack.

After you have installed E-Sys, you need to update it by installing the launcher. Installation proceeds in the usual mode using the "Next" button

You can choose any folder - it will not affect anything
You can choose any folder - it will not affect anything

After the installation is complete, right-click on Token_Generator.exe and run as administrator:

You need to generate an EST file for the launcher to work. To do this, click Save Token and select any folder. We recommend saving to the C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys directory:

Data can be left the same

Launch E-Sys Launcher PRO from desktop. The following window will open in front of you:

You may already have the path to E-Sys in the List table, so go to the next step, but if empty, click on the plus icon and add the path specified during installation (the default value will be shown):

Then you need to specify the path to the generated .est file. To do this, in the "EST Path" field, click on the ellipsis (...) and select the file:

Select the file est_token.est and click Open:

Enter the code 1234 in the PIN code field and click Start now. An activation window will appear in front of you. Copy the Request Code and place it in the Token_Generator in the Activation Code field:

We copy the received code in the generator and paste it into the Activation Code field, the field of which we press Activate Now:

All! Now launch the launcher using the Launch Now button. Subsequently, the program must be launched through the E-Sys Launcher PRO shortcut.


For an updated installation from TokenMaster, you need to download ESysLauncherPROSetup_2.8.2_Build_162b BFU_XODE .7z from the link below. Inside there will be a launcher itself and an updated BFU_XODE. It requires E-Sys 3.27.1 to work. The installation is similar to installing TokenBuster, only to enter the PIN you need to enter 12345678 and the activation code in the Activation Code field:











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