BMW N51 Engine Workshop Manual

BMW 2008 N51 Repair Manual. This is a 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2996 cc. It provides a maximum rotation speed of 6550 rpm and a constant speed of 6300 rpm. This is done through the timing chain distribution system. Has a DME MSV80 fuel system. Cylinder operating order: 1-5-3-6-2-4.

Bmw 128i 2008 N51 Repair Manual Pictures of repair procedures and detailed instructions for the mechanics of the engines built into the vehicle. In addition, you will find manufacturer data and specifications for more precise repairs.

  • Brand: BMW 1 (128i E82, 128i E88) and 3 Series (328i E90, 328i E92 and 328i E93).
  • Engine: N51 N51B30
  • Volume: 3.0 l
  • Cylinder operating order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
  • Power, hp (kW)/rpm: 234 (172)/6500
  • Control system: MSV80
  • N51 Engine weight ∼ kg: 138

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  • engine made of composite magnesium-aluminum alloy;
  • the cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy;
  • the cylinder head gasket is the same as in the N52;
  • the crankcase ventilation system on the N51 was modified compared to the N52 and integrated into the plastic cylinder head cover;
  • stepless Bi-VANOS system;
  • Valvetronic II system;
  • plastic intake manifold;
  • injection manifold;
  • 2nd generation cooling system;
  • connecting rods and crankshaft are made of forged steel;
  • secondary air supply system;
  • the geometry of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head has been optimized;
  • use of aluminum bolts with minor modifications;
  • cast iron crankshaft, same as N52;
  • the BMW H51 engine has a lower compression ratio, and therefore the cylinder head has been changed with a modified design of the combustion chamber;
  • a crankcase ventilation valve is used, which is built into the cylinder head cover;

Contents of this manual on the mechanics of the BMW N51 engine.

BMW auto mechanics manuals provide all the information on adjustment and repair of engines belonging to this group. In some cases, the manual provides diagnostic assistance using a troubleshooting table.


These BMW Engine Mechanical Manuals contain technical maintenance and repair information for each model listed on this page. Each car has a specific engine model. Although the same type of engine can be found in different BMW models.


To use this manual correctly, it is recommended that you read each part of it carefully. The repair manual is very complete and contains the specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Failure to read this manual before performing a repair procedure may result in an error that may cause engine problems or even serious damage, resulting in high repair costs.

During engine repair, some basic measurements are necessary to verify engine diagnostics as well as to perform appropriate repairs. These measurements are made using precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, bore gauges, and dial indicators.

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