Bmw X5 E53 Engine Technical Information

BMW Engine M62TU

BMW X5 (E53 body) 1998-2006, equipped with M54 B30 gasoline engines (in-line, 6-cylinder, DONC),

M62 (B44 / B46 8-cylinder, V-shaped, DONC), N62 (8-cylinders, V-shaped, DONC)

working volume 3.0, 4.4, 4.6, 4.8 l,

diesel and turbodiesel engines M57, M57TU

working volume of 3.0 liters.

Autobook content:

The manual describes the design of BMW X5 cars (E53 body), technical characteristics, detailed methods for diagnosing and repairing vehicle components and assemblies. Much attention is paid to diagnostics and repair of the engine, cooling, heating and air conditioning systems, exhaust systems, gearboxes, transmissions, brakes, suspension and steering systems, bodywork, and electrical equipment. The manual provides an invaluable service to all car owners, which, thanks to the data in this car book, helps to repair their car on their own,

without resorting to expensive repair services

Features of the manual:

The individual chapters of the publication include the instruction manual for the BMW X5 (E53 body)

recommendations for maintenance and wiring diagrams (wiring diagrams) of the BMW X5 (E53 body).

PDF format

Bmw M62TU Engine / ME7.2 Technical Information Download

M62TU Engine

Vanos Operation 

Engine Cooling System

IHKA System Auxilary Pump

DME-ME 7.2 Engine Management

IPO ME 7.2.

Integral Electronic Throttle System (EML

Input Signal/Components

Camshaft Position Sensors

Hot Film Air Mass Sensor (HFM 5)

Integrated Ambient Barometeric Pressure Sensor

Radiator Outlet Temperature Sensor

DSC III Road Speed Signal

Accelerator Pedal Sensor (PWG)

EDK Throttle Position Feedback Signal

MFL Cruise Control Data Signal

Brake Light Switch

Can Bus

Output Control Functions


Secondary Air Injection

Auxiliary Fan Control

Electric Throttle Control


Leak Diagnosis Test Precondition

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BMW Engine M54

M54 Engine Introduction

Mechanical changes

Performance Charts

Review Questions

Siemen’s MS 43.0 System

Download Bmw M54 Engine Technical Information

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